ATSC/DVB-T Debate Continues in Korea

While the English translation on may be a bit confusing, reading the article Stick to ATSC it is clear broadcasters and the government in Korea remain divided on the DTV terrestrial transmission standard. While the Korean Broadcasting Company (KBC) and the Ministry of Information and Communications (MIC) agree that ATSC reception can be improved, the article said "some labor unions in broadcasting stations which support DVB-T don't agree with this and seem to be resisting." MIC said testing in Australia showed "reception is not good even in fixed reception zones" while KBC asserted that the Australian tests showed DVB-T reception was good even in downtown areas. DVB-T was also criticized for its inability to transmit HDTV, although KBC said DVB-T was capable of HDTV transmission and "movable reception."

The Korea Times also covers the debate between MIC and Korean broadcasters in the article Digital TV Report Fails to Conclude Broadcast Standard by Kim Tae-gyu.