APTS, PBS commit to $50 million ‘in-kind contribution’ for DTV education

The Association of Public Television Stations (APTS) and PBS said Oct. 15 that Public Television stations would air “DTV Action Spots” throughout the DTV transition to educate viewers about the analog switch-off and conversion to digital transmission.

The value of the airtime and resources to create the spots, which will run for 16 months and create 3 billion broadcast impressions, is expected to exceed $50 million.

The education campaign will focus on spreading word of the DTV transition to the most difficult-to-reach over-the-air households, according to APTS.

Two days later, John Lawson, president and CEO of APTS, urged Congress to commit at least $20 million to its initial $5 million set aside to educate viewers about the analog switch-off and digital transition.

He told lawmakers that “the federal treasure is expected to receive $12.5 billion in revenue, at minimum, from the spectrum auction. A greater investment in marketing so that spectrum actually becomes available is just a sound business decision.”

For more information, visit: www.apts.org.