Advanced Video Advertising to help TV maintain dominance of global ad market

Television advertising will remain dominant in global ad markets thanks to developments in advanced video advertising (AVA), finds a new report from Multimedia Research Group (MRG).

The 86-page report, “Advanced Video Advertising Report – January 2009,” explores the reasons why television advertising on a global scale is up in 2008 and 2009, while ad revenue in magazines, newspapers and radio has fallen around the globe.

The report provides a way to calculate return on investment for each of the six methods of interactive advertising being trialed globally on various platforms, including telco, terrestrial, cable and satellite TV.

Additionally, the publication explores how much the various advanced video advertising methods, such as polling and voting, will cost and what kind of results advertisers can expect. It offers profiles of more than 15 AVA vendors and eight advertisers and operators, describing which AVA types are supported or used by each.

The report also reviews strategies and best practices to get started in advanced (video) advertising and to progress to more advanced forms of interactive advertising, including request for information (RFI) and e-commerce.

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