Additional Stations Request Early Analog Shutdown

The FCC has granted a request from Living Faith Ministries Inc. to shut down its analog TV station on Channel 68 in Grundy, Va. and to operate as a digital-only station on Channel 49. The station met most of the FCC's criteria for voluntary band clearing of analog stations operating on Channels 59-69. Living Faith said that only 0.66 percent of the households that receive WLFG (TV)'s signal watch the station off-air. A footnote indicates the analog station was out of service from Nov. 22, 2005 to Sept. 5, 2006, and during that time Living Faith provided digital-to-analog set-top boxes to all viewers requesting them. See the FCC letter to Living Faith Ministries for more information.

WYPX (TV), NTSC Channel 55 in Amsterdam, N.Y., owned by Paxson Albany License Inc., requested permission to cease analog broadcasting on Channel 55 and surrender the license for that channel prior to the end of the DTV transition. The station would continue broadcasting as a single channel, digital-only service on Channel 50. The request noted that switching off its analog transmissions would allow MediaFLO USA to expand its mobile video "mediacast" service in the Albany, N.Y. area. Qualcomm, which holds the licenses for the channel 55 spectrum, supported the request. See Public Notice DA 07-2238 for details.

Trinity Broadcasting of New York Inc. requested permission to end analog broadcasting on Channel 54 at WTBY-TV in Poughkeepsie, N.Y. and operate as a digital-only station on Channel 27. The request also stated this would allow Qualcomm's subsidiary MediaFLO USA to expand its "mediacast" service coverage in the New York market. See FCC Pubic Notice DA 07-2237 for details.

Paxson Hawaii License Inc. has requested permission to cease analog Channel 66 transmissions at KPXO (TV) in Kaneohe, Hawaii, before the Feb. 2009 mandated end of analog. Broadcasting would continue as digital-only service on Channel 41 in Kaneohe, Hawaii. The FCC Public Notice DA 07-2239 did not list the reasons for the shutdown request.