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Where money is being spent in the broadcast industry

This is the second in a series of articles about the findings from the 2010 Big Broadcast Survey (BBS), a global study of industry trends, technology purchasing behavior and the opinion of vendor brands. With about 5600 people in more than 120 countries participating, the 2010 version of the BBS is one of the largest and most comprehensive market studies ever done in the broadcast industry

In the current environment, everyone in the broadcast business wants to know which parts of the industry are doing well, where money is being spent and what is driving this spending. While there is no absolute answer to these questions, the findings from the 2010 BBS go a long way toward answering them.

Much of the technology purchasing in the broadcast industry is driven by major projects ranging from international events, such as elections and sporting championships, to the long-term, planned capital upgrades of broadcast infrastructure and facilities. Thus, an understanding of which major projects are being implemented by broadcast professionals around the world provides insight into the capital expenditure plans of the industry.

Major projects planned for this year

As part of our 2010 broadcast industry market study, all technology buyers who participated in the study — including radio and TV broadcasters, cable/satellite/IPTV operators, playout centers, post-production facilities and cable programmers — were asked to provide information about the projects they are currently implementing or are planning to implement in the next 12 months.

Respondents were presented with a list of major projects and asked to indicate up to five choices that they are currently implementing or have planned/budgeted to implement in the next year. The accompanying chart shows the percentage of respondents who indicated they are planning to implement each project.

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