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Supplement spotlights technology for newsroom, field

The News Technology Supplement comes out this October.

Broadcast Engineering's 32-page News Technology Supplement will cover many topics including cutting maintenance costs, understanding MXF and how to make stations operate more efficiently. The supplement coincides with the October issue.

The special edition includes features on news graphics, tapeless acquisition and production, digital workflow and return on investment issues, and even sensible approaches to preparing for HD news production. Special emphasis is placed on how digital tools are helping news departments.

The feature articles illustrate the benefits of using new technologies in concrete terms. For instance, one article discusses how the transition to tapeless acquisition zeroed out one medium-size station’s budgeted $150,000 for videotape machine head replacement and associated maintenance costs.

It also discusses how today’s technology can be used to prepare for tomorrow’s broadcast realities. A feature on high-definition television and local news advises that beginning to shoot 16:9 SD today with 4:3 framing in mind will satisfy today’s news coverage demands, and builds a file footage library that will easily mesh with HD newscasts in the future.

The supplement also offers examples of how networks and station groups are taking advantage of workflow improvements resulting from server-based resources to re-brand graphics and content resources for use at individual stations within the group.

The News Technology Supplement will be distributed at the News Technology Summit hosted by Broadcast Engineering and Broadcasting & Cable magazines Oct. 13-14 at the Marriott Oak Brook Hotel in Chicago.

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