RF systems

Winner: KVIE

by Thales

KVIE's chief goal was to install a digital system in its existing building, using equipment that could help the station move to its final digital channel. It also wanted a system that made full use of IP technology.

The first step was to fit the new DTV system in an existing analog transmitter building housing dual 30kW Ch6 transmitters. There was no easily accessible excess space available. However, the team created the needed space by reducing the size of several storage rooms and office areas.

The station chose Thales' MSDC transmitter. To meet its goal of equipment that would work for all UHF channels, the station used 5in heliax for the transmission line. This proved to be quicker and more efficient; installation of the 2000ft tower only took a week.

Key technology: Thales Paragon transmitter, View control software, Jampro Antennas JSM-32/53 antenna, Andrew HJ9-50 heliax transmission line.

Winner: Mt. Wilson

by Axcera

Four stations in the Los Angeles area joined together to form The Mt. Wilson Group. They hoped to benefit by achieving the goal of combining the analog and digital facilities of all four stations into a single facility on Mt. Wilson. Axcera was selected to help with this project.

To accommodate the transmission equipment, a three-story satellite transmitter building was constructed, along with a master combining room and 400ft tower. To minimize tower space, the stations share two broadband panel antennas.

Today, seven of the eight transmitters are on the air and provide reliable service, with plans to relocate the final analog transmitter.

Key technology: Axcera Visionary, DT HP50DDW, Visionary HP100DAW, RFS combiners, broadband panel antennas, MYAT digital mask filters.

Runner-up: WABC

by The Systems Group

Key technology: Fortel FS-411A frame synchronization, Thomson Grass Valley 8900 series video distribution, Benchmark MF-302WEC/DA-102DM audio distribution, Leitch FR-X routing, Evertz X-0401 ATSC routing, Harris Recon transmitter controls.