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NAB urges passage of pro-consumer multicast DTV mandate

The NAB has urged Congress to enact legislation ensuring viewer access to a variety of new local television programming options in the digital TV era.

NAB unveiled results of a new study,, demonstrating the financial benefits of multicast DTV carriage by cable systems.

In addition, NAB released a survey,, finding that 85 percent of TV stations intend to create additional local program streams if pro-multicast DTV legislation is passed by Congress. Types of programming includes:

  • local news
  • local weather
  • local sports
  • local public affairs/community affairs programming
  • foreign language programming
  • coverage of community and political events
  • local high school and college programming (sports and non-sports)
  • educational/children's programming
  • cultural events and local arts/entertainment programming

NAB's survey found that nearly 80 percent of TV stations are unlikely to create multicast local program streams without cable system carriage assurances.

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