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George Strait's farewell tour wows fans

Each night during his recent multi-city North American tour, fans of country music legend George Strait were treated to a litany of familiar hits and a captivating video display that rivalled any of today’s younger artists. Strait might not have jumped around and danced on stage like his younger counterparts, but this “living legend” wowed them just the same.

Veteran AV staging engineer Brian O’Neal — who has worked locally for the NBA’s Dallas Mavericks, NHL’s Dallas Stars, FOX SportstNet and numerous live music events — led a four-person team dedicated to projecting Strait’s live performance each night on a massive HD video “cube” (24ft screens on each side) as well as a four-sided LUXMAX LED wall. (This was O’Neal’s fourth year working with the Strait tour.)

“I walked around at a recent concert, and nearly everybody in the stands was looking at the video screens while George was performing,” O’Neal said. “We were the show, even though George was performing on stage. The producers were looking to us to represent the concert in its best light. It’s pretty challenging, and rewarding.”

What were the setup challenges?

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