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Category New studio technology
— HD Submitted by Ross Video Design teamWGBY-TV: Rus Peotter, general mgr.; Lynn Roginski, deputy general mgr. and dir. of content delivery; Ray
Miller, chief eng.; Chris Schwantner, dir. of info. technologies; Bill Rhodes, dir. production
services; Keith Clark,
local production mgr.;
Dave Fraser, assistant
local production mgr.;
Ray Laferriere, sr. editor; Marc Rhinehart, sr.
dir.; Mark Langevin,
videographer, video/
videotape op.; Jay
Buckley, editor Technology at work Avid Pinnacle Deko 1000
HDK 790 E cameras
V-LCD monitors
Harris/Leitch NEXIO XS
3600HDI server
NVISION NV9601 router
AJ-HDX 400 camera
DVCPRO, Betacam SP
Ross Video Synergy MD
production switcher
P32LSA 32in LCDs
P27LSA 27in LCDs
Zandar Predator
multiview signal

WGBY-TV delivers HD programming with redesigned studio control room

WGBY-TV is a public TV station in Springfield, MA, that produces more than 120 hours of local programming annually. The plant was revamped to a multichannel facility with one HD and four SD channels.

The design team’s goal was to create a production facility with the ability to produce local programming in HD while maintaining current operations during the transition.

First, the station created a mock layout of the proposed new production control room. WGBY staff contributed input regarding layout and equipment decisions. Based on the feedback, a new production control room was designed and equipment purchases began.

Because the new facility would need larger monitors to accommodate the 16:9 format, additional space was needed. The station cut back an existing riser that supported the CG/prompter positions and altered the assistant producer’s workstation, which created the additional space. This enabled the technical staff in the control room to clearly view all production elements.

An existing linear suite was converted into a fully functional backup control room. This space had similar equipment to the older control room and allowed WGBY to keep its local programming on-air during the transition.

The main production control room was completely gutted. The space was renovated with new cabling to accommodate both digital and analog communications. Forecast Consoles provided the main support consoles. Ross Synergy provided a two M/E Synergy MD switcher. Once the switcher was in place, the team began rewiring the room.

The Synergy switcher was an integral part of the transition, and plays a major role in future broadcast capabilities. The switcher gives staff the ability to integrate additional production equipment and provides more potential to deliver quality programming.

WGBY supports content for satellite feeds and teleconferences, as well as media distributed on the Web. The station also revamped edit facilities and field acquisition gear.

Panasonic AJ-HDX 400 fi eld cameras acquire content in 1080i HD DVCPRO format. That material is then captured in the Avid Adrenaline suites and edited in either 4:3 SD, 16:9 SD or HD. The content can be played back in the HD control room via an HD deck or captured in the server. WGBY purchased an Avid Pinnacle Deko 1000, which is connected to the Avid Unity, giving the ability to move graphic components and motion elements from one location to another.

On Oct. 9, 2006, WGBY began broadcasting five nights a week of high-quality, locally produced programming in HD. The new control room is well equipped to handle any type of production well into the future.