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Data broadcasting: Getting the IP connection

Companies continue to grow and set up business in a global marketplace. For most companies, having offices in several locations is becoming standard operating procedure. The cost associated with these new infrastructures, however, is quite outrageous. Companies are resorting to new and innovative ways to help eliminate some of these costs.

One of the multiple options available to companies is Internet distribution of company information. At the rate that company information as well as laws and regulations change, the ability to keep employees up-to-date is determined by the inevitable cash flow. Internet distribution allows companies to minimize cost while keeping its employees informed.

A complete 2-way satellite IP network solution that can be implemented to securely connect any remote business locations

Novanet Communications Ltd is a satellite telecommunications company based in Toronto, Canada. Specializing in broadcast and hybrid 2-way services with an emphasis on IP-related services, the company has taken great strides in providing high-quality data broadcasting services to its clientele.

Since 1989, we have spent a great deal of time developing application solutions for various industries. In order to provide these services, we look at a wide variety of products that allow us to offer a vast array of services in the IP broadcast arena. To do this, we attend several trade shows throughout the year. While at NAB2000, we were looking for an IP Encapsulator that would not only be easy to use, but also affordable.

A workable solution

While wandering the halls of NAB, we came across Logic Innovations. One of the displays included the IPE-2000, an IP to DVB gateway that allows users to connect LAN-based IP networks to broadband networks for the support of high-speed data broadcasting to PC-based or stand-alone broadband receivers. This open system solution works within multiple environments and is compatible with a majority of industry-standard equipment. We were quite impressed not only with its capabilities, but also its size, ease of use and cost.

After a brief trial period, we purchased the IPE-2000 for use in our telecommunications system. In our network, Logic Innovations’ IPE-2000 is the final IP gateway through which all IP traffic (i.e. file transfers, streaming video programs, distance learning, VPN connectivity and Internet connectivity) is transmitted.

The satellite transmission of data from one to many, multicasting, is one of the most widely acceptable ways to distribute information. It allows users to send information in a more timely manner (i.e., sales/promotions information, new product information, etc). When our clients want to dispense information to their various sites, they connect to our system via high-speed Internet connection or by a dedicated terrestrial communication (128kb\s ISDN up to T1) line.

The datastreams then are sent to our servers and finally through the IPE-2000 via wireless communication. The IPE routes all LAN/WAN datastreams through our satellite-based DVB system, located at our uplink station in Toronto, for distribution all over Canada and most of the continental United States.

As we work with more and more companies, we require products that provide us with a system that is easy to configure. One of the most significant benefits to using the IPE-2000 is that its interface is exceedingly easy to use. It allows us to set up new clients within minutes.

A complete IP network solution using the strength of satellite connectivity that can also augment existing terrestrial networks to securely connect any remote business locations

Another feature that is beneficial to our clients is that there is no need for additional equipment to retrieve the information. In all cases, the purchase of an over-the-counter DVB receiver from a manufacturer, such as BroadLogic, is sufficient.

Also, the receivers can be one of a variety of devices, including internal PCI cards that run Windows, Linux and Unix platforms, or external USB devices with drivers supporting Windows, Unix, Linux and Macintosh platforms or finally DVB satellite routers supporting LAN/WAN environments as well as platform-independent.

Return on investment

Further, as the usage of Internet/satellite distribution for company information increases, we continue to strive to provide our customers with an incomparable data broadcasting service. The IPE-2000 from Logic Innovations has made our services extremely beneficial. Its set-up and circulation of the audio/video/multimedia data is not only easy to use, but also it provides a high return on investment. The IPE-2000 provides us with the ability to send our clients information to various sites, thus eliminating the additional costs that may incur as a result of expansion and growth of a company.

Note: Stewart Sheriff is vice president of operations for Novanet Communications, Toronto, Ontario, Canada. For more information, visit the company’s Web site at

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