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Broadcasters rank vendors on innovation

As part of my market research, I have looked at how broadcast vendor brands are ranked on measures such as innovation, customer service, reliability and overall opinion.

Typically, when I do this I show the results broken down globally and regionally to highlight geographic variation in opinions.

Of course, this global list includes a wide variety of customer types, including broadcasters, systems integrators, cable/satellite/IPTV operators, government, etc. As a result, one of the questions I am frequently asked is how a particular brand was ranked by a single customer type (e.g. broadcaster) or buying group (e.g. multiviewer buyers).

To address this question, I decided to look at how one customer type (broadcasters) ranked broadcast technology vendors in one category (innovation). In addition to showing just one customer type, I also thought it would be interesting to show variation by organization size rather than geography.

The table on this page shows the Top 5 brands (listed in alphabetical order) in the broadcast technology vendor league table for innovation, as ranked by broadcasters, broken down by organization size. For the sake of comparison, I have also provided the global ranking (responses of all 4,000+ research respondents from all organization types).

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