NAB Responds to Microsoft/Philips FCC Meeting and Test Results

September 28, 2007
The NABroadcasters issued a short statement in response to the meeting between representatives from Microsoft and Philips Electronics and the FCC on Sept. 20.

In response to the representatives’ claim that they had developed a device that detects TV signals “with 100 percent accuracy,” NAB Executive Vice President Dennis Wharton responded, “It’s ironic that a company with a track-record of developing less-than-perfect products is now claiming to have invented a device that functions with ‘100 percent accuracy.’ While frustrated users of Microsoft products have come to expect routine system errors and computer glitches, they do not expect the same to hold true for broadcast television service. As was shown in the FCC’s July test results, the devices proposed by the White Space Coalition do not function as advertised. They do not detect broadcast signals, and they do interfere with TV reception.”

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