Clarity Gets More Time to File for Trucker TV Review

July 12, 2007
Is Clarity Media Systems LLC giving up on its plans to use the entire 2 GHz broadcast auxiliary service (BAS) band to provide “Trucker TV” at Flying J truck stops?

This week the FCC released an Order granting Clarity’s request for an extension of time to reply to comments opposing its latest application for approval of its Trucker TV service. The company has asked the FCC’s Media Bureau to review its order denying Clarity’s request to waive FCC rules on the use of the 2 GHz band for their trucker TV service. The 45-day extension request was “based on a permit-but-disclose ex parte meeting in which commission representatives suggested that Clarity further explore other options for their proposed distributed video service.”

One indication these other options may not include the 2 GHz BAS band is Clarity’s statement that they have received consent for the extension of time for replies from SBE, ABC and MSTV. In granting the extension, the FCC said, “Such extensions may be warranted when, among other things, new technological developments occur, or when it will promote resolution of the issues in contention. In the instant proceeding, we note that it is beneficial to all interested parties and the public for Clarity to explore alternate methods for delivering its proposed service.”

Clarity’s proposal has been covered extensively in RF Report, most recently in “Trucker TV, Take Two,” in the June 21, 2007 issue.

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