Airspan sells 700 MHz Broadband Wireless Access Systems

October 5, 2004
If you were wondering what winners in the FCC's 700 MHz auction were planning to do with their spectrum, a press release from Airspan Networks Inc. provides some clues. Airspan announced it has sold its WipLL 700 MHz broadband wireless access systems to Green Hills Telephone, Blue Valley Telephone, S&T Telephone, Craw-Kan Telephone, Rainbow Telephone and Mobius Communications Corporation. These companies will use Airspan equipment in the 700 MHz band to offer wireline-equivalent services including broadband Internet access and Voice over IP to rural subscribers in Missouri, Kansas and Nebraska.

Chuck Erke, Information Systems Manager for Green Hills Telephone said the company acquired the 700 MHz spectrum to enable it to increase its market area and range of services. Dave Kirk, Sales Director for Airspan integrator Stutler Technologies, said his firm has installed non-line of sight links with WipLL at ranges greater than 18 miles with minimal signal degradation.

The WipLL platform uses real-time adaptive modulation (2, 4 or 8-level FSK) to provide burst data speeds up to 4 Mbps (3.2 Mbps net) to each customer using both licensed and unlicensed spectrum. For more information visit the Airspan Networks web site.

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