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House bill regarding wireless microphones enters subcommittee

The quality of wireless microphone technology has risen dramatically over the last several decades, and so has the number of applications that rely on it. Even opera companies, the great heroes of the anti-amplification movement, have jumped to the other side. ENG, corporate conferences, houses of worship — the list goes on — now routinely incorporate wireless mic technology into their workflows.

A bill recently introduced in the House, H.R. 2911, would require the FCC to establish safe haven channels for wireless microphone users. This piece of legislation is only the first step in what will be a lengthy process as legislators, broadcasters and others who share a desire to tap into the limited amount of available bandwidth hammer out a set of regulations that will give access to as many players as possible.

Mark Brunner, Senior Director, Global Brand Management, Shure Americas, ( recently addressed a number of audio editors via a telephone conference call. I spoke with Mark for an hour a few days later and will be posting our interview in the coming days.