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WNIN Upgrades With Miranda

WNIN, the PBS member station in Evansville Ind., has ordered Miranda master control, monitoring and channel branding equipment as part of the station's facility upgrade program. Heartland Video Systems Inc., a systems integrator based in Plymouth, Wis, is supplying the equipment.

WNIN will install five Miranda Imagestore master control switching and channel branding processors, and outputs will be monitored by Miranda's iControl system.

"This upgrade will help us establish a more streamlined workflow, with the duties and responsibilities of traffic personnel and master control operators merged into one job," said WNIN's Glen Puder. "Changing our workflow will help us increase in our civic programming output; we plan to implement a new channel that will keep our community more involved with our local government."

Purder said station operations were getting to the point where it no longer made sense to separately handle each of the channels being transmitted.

The new WNIN system will allow master control operations to be relocated to a secondary control point during times of live production, thus allowing the MC operator to assist with that production without interfering with on-air operations.

The television station will also employ Miranda's Densité telemetry probes in conjunction with the iControl system to keep an eye on alarms and signal parameters, including those of sister radio station WNIN-FM.