Widevine licenses Arxan application hardening, key protection

Widevine has licensed software security solutions provider Arxan Technologies’ application hardening and key protection solutions for its multiplatform digital rights management (DRM) platform.

Widevine DRM provides Internet content services and large cable, satellite and telecommunication companies the capability to license, securely distribute and protect playback of premium Hollywood content on any consumer device. Arxan’s software security technology ensures that DRM systems, which govern access to digital entertainment, remain secure and robust so content is protected and business models are maintained.

Arxan’s application hardening and key protection offerings defend against tampering and reverse-engineering of code and intellectual property in a durable, proven manner that does not impact source code, application functioning or the development process.

The company’s technology supports DRM standards and robustness rules for content protection and safeguards revenue channels from piracy and unauthorized access across desktop, server and embedded applications.