SAG-AFTRA: Capitol Attack ‘Inevitable Result’ of Misinformation Campaign Against Journalists

Capitol riots
(Image credit: Getty Images)

LOS ANGELES—SAG-AFTRA, an entertainment industry union whose members include broadcast journalists, offered its condemnation of the storming of the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6 by rioters and says that the concurrent attacks against members of the media during the riot were fueled by President Donald Trump and other members supporting baseless conspiracy theories.

SAG-AFTRA called the attack “an inevitable result of sustained misinformation campaigns that attempted to discredit journalists while weaving a counter-narrative based on falsehoods.”

During the riot, members of the media were charged, equipment was destroyed and graffiti was left of the door of the Capitol that read “Murder the Media.”

“The reckless rhetoric by some leaders—including many members of Congress who continued to perpetuate lies even after the attack—is damaging the fabric of our nation and costing lives,” SAG-AFTRA’s statement read.

In addition, the union condemned the displays of Confederate flags “and other symbols of white supremacy and hate” that appeared during the riot, calling them attempts to subjugate and terrorize people of color and certain faiths.

Fifteen people have so far been charged with crimes for their involvement in the riot, with the acting U.S. Attorney General Michael Sherwin saying they are looking at “all actors” (opens in new tab) involved in inciting the riot.