OET dismisses requests for DTV tuner waiver

The FCC Office of Engineering and Technology dismissed separate requests from Electric Mirror and Kohler seeking waivers.

The FCC Office of Engineering and Technology (OET) Dec. 14 dismissed a request from Kohler made in January to waive the March 1, 2007, deadline to comply with rules that new TV receivers include the ability to receive DTV signals.

On the same day, it also dismissed a petition from Electric Mirror requesting a temporary six-month waiver to the rule. In its petition Electric Mirror contended that it was having difficulty securing product that could comply with the March 1, 2007, deadline because of the extreme thinness of the product.

In dismissing the Electric Mirror petition, the OET said that the time period Electric Mirror had sought for the waiver had passed, making the request moot. Even if it were not moot, OET would have denied the request because granting it was not consistent with the goal of the commission to maximize the number of DTV sets and receivers in the marketplace, it said.

In the case of Kohler, the company submitted a new request in May that its original waiver request be withdrawn. The OET’s action grants the subsequent request.

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