No expansion for stations on channels 60-69

The FCC issues a notice that it will not accept any additional applications to increase coverage in band that broadcasters are eventually going to lose.

Beginning immediately, the FCC will not accept modification applications that would increase a television broadcast station’s analog or DTV service area in the 746-806 MHz, spectrum channels 60-69.

The FCC will continue to process applications on file as of January 24. The FCC may consider on a case-by-case basis and consistent with the public interest amendments to those applications. Possible amendments include resolving interference with other stations or pending applications or resolving mutual exclusivity with other pending applications.

By prohibiting the filing of new maximization applications in this band, the FCC intends to protect newly licensed entities. This includes public safety and other land mobile services reallocated into the band from shifts or expansion in existing broadcast services. It will facilitate the eventual clearing of this spectrum and the auction of the commercial portions of the spectrum.

An immediate freeze would ensure that new maximization applications are not filed in this band in anticipation of future limitations.

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