Newsrooms Forced to Adapt to Coronavrius

(Image credit: WBNS)

As the coronavirus (COVID-19) has been designated a global pandemic by the WHO, newsrooms are being forced to adapt their operations to protect their employees while still providing key information to their audiences.

Axios has summarized the actions taken across the news industry, which for most has involved some kind of work-from-home policy.

When it comes to video production, some steps being taken include Quartz featuring more individualized explainers to limit peer-to-peer contact. Buzzfeed, meanwhile, moving forward with video production, is providing thermometers on all production sets. NowThis News says that it is “well-versed in remote interviews and virtual meetings,” so it does not anticipate a large impact on its offerings at this time.

For live television productions like talk shows, nearly all are moving forward with taping without audiences. This includes late night shows on CBS, NBC and Comedy Central, and all ABC live studio shows.

For more information on the news industry’s response to coronavirus, visit Axios website.