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NAB Chides CEA for Alleged DTV Shortcomings

The feud between the NAB and CEA over DTV transition priorities continues at a healthy clip. In the past week, NAB accused the CEA of not being up to speed on the technical challenges of DTV.

Responding to the CEA's written comments to the FCC that NAB's proposed new D-A converter box--designed to make the transition more technically and economically feasible--would include too many extras and, therefore, prove to be too expensive. (Congress will likely subsidize some of these boxes.)

"CEA demonstrates again that it is out of touch with the realities of the technical challenges of DTV reception, as well as two of its largest members," said outgoing NAB President/CEO Eddie Fritts. "NAB is proud to stand with CEA members LG Electronics and Thomson in their effort to ensure that all Americans have affordable and reliable access to local television signals both during and after the transition to digital." NAB recently chose both firms to build the new boxes.