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Multiplatform content delivery tops trends among broadcasters

This is the first in a series of articles about some of the findings from the 2011 Big Broadcast Survey (BBS), a global study of broadcast industry trends, technology purchasing plans and benchmarking of broadcast technology vendor brands. More than 8000 people in 100 countries took part in the 2011 BBS.

Each year, Devoncroft Partners conducts a large-scale global study of the broadcast industry called the Big Broadcast Survey (BBS). One of the key outputs from the BBS is the annual BBS Broadcast Industry Global Trend Index. This is a ranking of the broadcast industry trends that are considered by BBS respondents to be the most commercially important to their businesses in any given year.

To create the 2011 BBS Broadcast Industry Global Trend Index, BBS respondents were presented with a list of 15 industry trends and asked which one trend they considered to be “most important” to their business, which one trend they consider to be “second most important” to their business and which other trends they consider to be “also very important.”

Those responses were used to create the BBS Broadcast Industry Global Trend Index by applying a weighting based on the commercial importance of each trend.

Note that the goal of quantifying these answers is to help clients gain insight into the business drivers behind respondents’ answers. Therefore, this question was asked in the context of commercial importance, rather than “industry buzz” or technology hype.

Click here to see the full results, including a comparison to previous years and an analysis of the findings.