Judge Sends Denver TV Tower Proposal Back to Commissioners

Colorado publications Rocky Mountain News and The Denver Post both reported that Jefferson County District Judge Brooke Jackson sent the Lake Cedar Group's proposal for a 730-foot TV tower on Lookout Mountain back to county commissioners for a third time.

The Rocky Mountain News reported that the ruling "apparently disputes the basis for a 2005 vote by the three-member Board of County Commissioners that found that the proposed tower and an existing broadcast tower at the site posed the risk of a domino-effect failure should either one collapse, thereby endangering nearby residences."

In the ruling, Judge Jackson said he will "affirm whatever decision is made [by commissioners], so long as it can be shown there is competent evidence in the record that supports the decision."

The Denver Post said the City of Golden, Colo. and a local homeowner group have been battling the tower project, which has been sought by a consortium of stations for six years.