HD receivable U.S. TV households top 50 percent, Nielsen reports

New findings about how many households own HDTVs, which DMA has the most and least HDTV households, what TV genre is most popular among Americans watching HD, and the most popular show to watch in HD may turn a few heads.

According to the latest look at TV viewing from the Nielsen Company, 54.2 percent of U.S. television households are HD receivable in 2010. Only three years ago, the figure stood at just 10 percent.

Houston is the TV market with the highest percentage of HD homes, with 64.9 percent, Nielsen said. On the other end of the spectrum is Portland, with 50 percent.

Science fiction nosed out sports events as the top genre of television watched in HD households. The top five genres (in descending order) were science fiction, sports events, sports commentary, awards ceremonies and situation comedies, Nielsen reported.

The top five shows most watched in HD households were (in descending order): "The Office," "24," "Parks and Recreation," "30 Rock" and "Modern Family," Nielsen said.

The top 5 genres most watched in HD Households

Program Name


Science Fiction


Sports Event


Sports Commentary


Awards Ceremonies


Situation Comedy


Source: Nielsen Company