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Germany: HD Proponents Urge EU Not to Regulate FiOS

The Regulatory Authority for Telecommunications and Posts of Germany has formally requested that the EU telecom commissioner not regulate the deployment of new high-speed fiber optic networks across Europe because Germany reportedly thinks it could hinder the growth of emerging services such as HD and VDSL (very high bit-rate digital subscriber lines).

Germany made its wishes known after the EU's decision to not regulate Deutsche Telekom's $3 billion investment in a German VDSL network, according to published reports in Europe.

The thinking apparently is if Deutsche Telekom gets an exemption from EU regulations, the move could eventually prove to be anti-competitive since other operators of differing technologies (such as FiOS) will be unable to provide similar services if they are regulated. (Some broadcasters have used this same argument in the U.S. for arguing other competitive issues.) Since FiOS services are not yet a widespread reality in the nations of the EU, no final decision on Germany's request is expected anytime soon.