FCC’s Rosenworcel Calls on Broadcasters to Spread Broadband Word

Jessica Rosenworcel
(Image credit: FCC)

WASHINGTON—FCC Acting Chairwoman Jessica Rosenworcel is looking for help from broadcasters to get the word out about a new FCC program designed to give broadband support to those in need of it.

During a speech at the NAB’s State Leadership Conference, Rosenworcel acknowledged the trusted role that broadcasters have in sharing information in their communities, emphasized in the last year, calling broadcasters the place people turn to for “the latest and greatest.”

Rosenworcel wants to capitalize on that role of broadcasters to help spread the word about the new Emergency Broadband Benefit program, which is launching this week. The program is designed to help eligible households ensure they are and can stay connected to broadband so that they can have reliable internet access. Under the program, eligible households will receive up to $50 per month for broadband service, and those on tribal lands can received up to $75 per month.

“People won’t receive this help if they don’t sign up. And that’s where you come in,” Rosenworcel said. “We need trusted voices like yours to let people know that support is available and how to get it.”

The FCC has created a press section on its website where broadcasters can find shareable information about the program and participating internet providers.

“If you can help us spread the word about the Emergency Broadband Benefit and get people signed up, we can help make paying those bills a little bit easier during these historically hard times,” Rosenworcel added.

Rosenworcel’s full speech from the NAB SLC is available online (opens in new tab). More information on the Emergency Broadband Benefit program is available on the FCC website (opens in new tab)