FCC’s Powell calls Senate action “bordering on the absurd”

Though FCC Chairman Michael Powell has kept a low profile during the Congressional battle over media ownership issues, he told the Capitol Hill newspaper, Roll Call, that lawmaker’s attempts to roll back the rules are “bordering on the absurd.”

Soon after the Senate vote last week, Powell issued a statement saying the resolution would “create perverse results” and was not in the public interest.

“This resolution, if passed by the House and signed by the president, would only muddy the media regulatory waters. It would bring no clarity to media regulation, only chaos,” said Powell. “Under the terms of the resolution, the FCC would be forbidden from re-issuing any substantially similar rules. In short, the agency would be powerless to cure the infirmities identified by the court.”

Powell added “what is most important is to have the best policies for the American people. I hope the House will take a more considered view of the public interest.”

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