FCC Extends Unlicensed Devices on TV Channels Reply Deadline

At the request of the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA), the FCC has extended the deadline for reply comments in its proceeding to allow unlicensed devices to use vacant TV channels. CEA stated the extension was necessary to allow it to complete field tests it is performing and to give it time to respond to other submitted comments. In its request, CEA said it is continuing to work with other interested parties "develop consensus solutions to interference concerns." However, instead of the 45-day extension CEA requested, the FCC granted a 30-day extension, to Jan. 31, 2005.

In the Order Granting Extension of Time, the FCC said, "We believe there is considerable value in this rule making in allowing time for further technical analysis and for the various parties to develop consensus solutions to interference issues."

As reported in previous editions of RF Report, the NAB and the Association for Maximum Service Television have filed comments with studies showing that unlicensed devices using TV channels could cause interference to not only on the channel they are using, but on other TV channels as well.