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The FCC's latest list of experimental applications granted includes several licenses for operation on broadcast TV channels.

WD2XGW, issued to IPMobilenet Inc, authorizes operation in the 764-776 and 800-866 MHz spectrum for testing land mobile equipment in Irvine, Calif. This includes TV channels 63, 64 and 69. Channel 63 is used in the Los Angeles market by KADY, Oxnard, which has a CP for an 87 kW booster on Mount Harvard, near Mount Wilson. Channel 69 is used by KSWB-TV in San Diego.

OP Corp. was granted license WD2XHI to operate in the 482-608 MHz and 614-770 MHz spectrum for "demonstrations of foreign technologies that can be used for wireless communications services spectrum" at Canonsburg (Washington County), Pa. This spectrum includes TV channels 16-36 and 38-63.

Spacelabs Medical was authorized to "operate indoors" in the 174-216, 402-406, 417-418, 433-450, 450-470, 582-608, 614-645 MHz spectrum for "test and development of devices for export" in Issaquah, Wash.

One other experimental grant that may be of interest to broadcasters is experimental license WD2XHM, for operation in the 12.862-12.962 and 13.1125-13.2375 GHz microwave spectrum for antenna testing, fixed and mobile in Palm Bay (Brevard county), Fla.

See OET Report No. 364, Experimental Actions for a listing of all experimental grants during the period from 1/1/2004 to 2/1/2004.