NAB Exhibitor Insight: Sony Electronics—John Studdert, VP, Media Solutions

John Studdert (Image credit: Sony)

TV TECH: What do you anticipate will be the most significant technology trends at the 2022 NAB Show?

JOHN STUDDERT: The most significant technology trends that I’m expecting to permeate the 2022 NAB Show are: the increased adoption of IP, the evolution of cloud workflows, the rise of virtual production and the incorporation of AI technologies. We’ve also heard from our customers, and these are the subjects they want to learn more about and explore further. They’re also looking to find solutions to dispatch or facilitate these new workflows from an operational standpoint. At Sony, we’re addressing each of these trends in a very deliberate way and are excited to spotlight our latest innovations and expertise while also seeing how the overall market is tackling these same topics.

TVT: What will be your most important product news?

STUDDERT: This year, Sony is primarily focused on showcasing our overall business evolution and how we’re strategically addressing the needs of the community. Of course, we’ll have news, updates and wins to share with the market. It wouldn’t be an NAB Show if we didn’t introduce you to some new pieces of technology, including enhancements to our camera line up! But our most important takeaway will be how we’re using our state-of-the-art technology to work innovatively alongside not only customers and influencers, but the future of the broadcast and production industry, to streamline and add value to their efforts in a very targeted manner. As a diverse company, Sony is uniquely suited to offer a full ecosystem of end-to-end products and solutions to outfit nearly any project.

TVT: How is your new product different from what’s available on the market?

STUDDERT: Sony’s legacy in electronics is unmatched and our philosophy has always been to provide solutions that are synonymous with quality. We understand that technology is an investment, which is why we continue to build out our portfolio so that customers can select options based on their specific needs and budget. Additionally, we continue to update these models with new capabilities via firmware to ensure their longevity and usability. Sony is committed to helping our customers solve their pain points through the use of our technology, which is why their input helps drive our development pipeline and enables us to create solutions that directly address common challenges. We are focused on creating solutions that add value. We’re building out our imaging lineup to provide more options. We’re adding more innovative capabilities and enhancing media workflows in the cloud. We’re connecting and managing networks through the implementation of IP systems. And we’re bringing audiences to new worlds while changing the future of production through our capture and display solutions for virtual production environments.

TVT: How has the pandemic affected your company's business over the past two years and how will it impact how you exhibit at this year's show?

STUDDERT: We’re looking forward to being at NAB Show and recognize the value of trade shows for our business and community. As trade shows continue to evolve, we’re using this as an opportunity to bolster our digital efforts to ensure a dynamic hybrid presence that accommodates attendees on-site and virtually. In doing so, we’re helping make the NAB Show even more meaningful and accessible to a broader range of participants. As many businesses can attest to, we’ve also helped our customers make that same pivot to the remote and hybrid realm through new solutions and workflows that address the current environment. While we’re focused on providing an engaging 360-degree experience, we remain eager to safely reconnect and network with our valued customers in a trade show setting that allows us to interactively showcase our latest solutions and meet new prospective integrators and clients.