Editorial Change to FCC DTV Transmission Standards

The FCC has made editorial changes to Part 73, Section 73.682(d). This section defines the U.S. digital broadcast television transmission standard. The modified section now reads:

(d) Digital broadcast television transmission standard. Transmission of digital broadcast television (DTV) signals shall comply with the standards for such transmissions set forth in ATSC A/52: "ATSC Standard Digital Audio Compression (AC-3)" (incorporated by reference, see § 73.8000) and ATSC Doc. A/53B, Revision B with Amendment 1: "ATSC Digital Television Standard," except for Section 5.1.2 ("Compression format constraints") of Annex A ("Video Systems Characteristics") and the phrase "see Table 3" in Section 5.1.1. Table 2 and Section 5.1.2 Table 4 (incorporated by reference, see § 73.8000). Although not incorporated by reference, licensees may also consult ATSC Doc. A/54, Guide to Use of the ATSC Digital Television Standard, October 4, 1995, and ATSC Doc. A/65A, Program System and Information Protocol (PSIP) for Terrestrial Broadcast and Cable, December 23, 1997 for guidance. (Secs. 4, 5, 303, 48 Stat., as amended, 1066, 1068, 1082 (47 U.S.C. 154, 155, 303)).

The standards referenced have not changed. Comparing the new 73.682(d) with the old one, the new section is shorter. The spelled out reference to "Advanced Television Systems Committee" and information on where to obtain the standards was removed. Refer to the FCC Order - Editorial Modification of Part 73 of the Commission's Rules.