Digital Deadline: Consumer Reports Advises Readers About DTV Transition

Consumer Reports, in the article "How to survive the digital TV transition" provides the standard warning that sets without DTV tuners will not work with an off-air TV antenna after Feb. 17, 2009. The article advises readers that that they can purchase a digital converter box or a new VCR, DVD recorder, or digital hard disk recorder that includes a DTV tuner and use it to convert the DTV signal to analog for an older receiver or display.

The article also includes a section titled, "Antennas: Your Link to Free DTV." Readers are told that the impending transition to digital "has put a whole new spin" on off-air reception. They are told that they'll be getting high-quality pictures and sound, and that the possibility of additional programming via "subchannels" is part of the new digital off-air delivery.