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Chinese industry analyst CCID forecasts opportunities for Chinese mobile chipmakers

Chinese industry research, from consulting and IT outsourcing firm CCID Consulting, predicts a 225.5 percent compound growth rate for China's mobile TV broadcasting between now and 2012. Driven by export and domestic demands, China's mobile phone output kept growing in 2007, reaching 554 million handsets (a rate of 25.4 percent). The export volume alone — 322 million handsets — accounts for more than half that growth.

In the mobile phone chip market — which rose 23.9 percent in 2007 over the previous year — phone output and upgrades, new functions, new applications and single chip product promotion are major influencing factors. However, increasing domestic mobile phone output, multimedia mobile phone development, and 3G businesses will open up new opportunities for Chinese mobile phone chip manufacturers throughout the next few years.

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