All WRC-03 Issues Successfully Resolved

FCC Chairman Michael Powell commenting on the results of the 2003 World Radiocommunication Conference in Geneva, Switzerland said, "The results of WRC-03 will further advance the digital migration to new spectrum-based technology platforms and further protect homeland security."

In a separate statement, FCC Commissioner Kathleen Q. Abernathy said, "The task of the conference was tremendous as it faced addressing over 40 agenda items. All the issues were successfully resolved during the course of the conference. In particular, the Conference reached consensus decisions on a number of important issues to U.S. consumers and industry including, but not limited to:

* "A set of global allocations of 455 MHz for wireless local area network (WLAN) systems in the 5 GHz spectrum band;

* "A conditional, secondary allocation for Little LEO satellite feeder links around 1.4 GHz; and

* "A secondary allocation for aeronautical mobile satellite services in the 14-14.5 GHz band to provide for the provision of Internet and other data services on airplanes."

More details are available in the FCC News Release International Bureau Reports on Success of the 2003 World Radiocommunication Conference" and on the FCC WRC-03 web site.