VOD for Broadcasters

VOD for Broadcasters

Broadcasters own large volumes of local programming. Yet, this content is seldom used after it has been initially aired. Wouldn’t you like to be able to resell the ad spots in those programs? Broadcast VOD provides the opportunity for TV stations to reuse their programs on their local cable on a VOD basis and generate significant new revenue.

TV stations spend millions of dollars producing local news, weather, sports and a variety of in-house programs. Broadcast VOD provides additional opportunities to profit from those shows.

This web cast provides an introductory tutorial on how broadcast VOD operates, the benefits it provides and how to get started. Consider these advantages:

  • The TV station already owns the content. No additional acquisition cost
  • The programming also increases the visibility of the TV station on the cable system
  • The potential new advertising potential can be huge
  • Technology is here and readily available
  • Highly targeted audiences and viewing measurements are possible
  • The cost to implement a cable-supported VOD system is minimal

View this web cast and learn how your station can benefit from VOD today.

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