Toshiba Announces New VHF/UHF TV Tuner RF Amp

March 28, 2008
Lower-efficiency TV antennas such as those used with mobile and portable devices require greater tuner sensitivity than the larger outdoor and preamplified indoor antennas used with fixed TV sets. Toshiba has introduced a new preamplifier, the TA4029CTC.

Designed for use with portable devices with built-in TV tuners; it operates on UHF and VHF bands. Power gain is at least 8 dB. With this much gain, overload could be a problem in strong signal environments. The preamplifier includes an LNA Off pass-through mode that shuts off the preamplifier and passes the input signal with a 2 dB loss.

The preamplifier noise figure is typically 1.2 dB, and the worst case figure is 1.6 dB, much lower than the typical 5 to 8 dB TV tuner noise figure. The third order intercept point is –5 dBmW. See the TA4029CTC news release for more information.

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