FCC Considers STA for Low Power Alert Service in the FM Broadcast Band

The FCC Office of Engineering and Technology received an application for Special Temporary Authority for an experimental license to test an emergency alert system that would transmit in the FM band (88.1 to 107.9 MHz).

The FCC Public Notice said the applicant, Safety Cast, stated the technology it wants to test uses "an extremely low power, noncommercial, mobile transmitter that will broadcast 'All Hazard' alerts,
Amber Alerts, and/or emergency 'alert' messages from authorized public entity vehicles (Police, Fire/Rescue, etc.)." Safety Cast said its signals are designed to be received within a distance of less than 1,050 feet from the transmitter and that it would transmit throughout the FM radio band (88.1-107.9 MHz).

Recognizing the interest FM broadcasters will have in this application, OET concluded, "the public interest would be served by classifying the instant experimental radio licensing proceeding as a 'permit-but-disclose' proceeding for ex parte purposes in accordance with Section 1.1200(a) of the Commission's rules and subject to the requirements under Section 1.1206(b) of the rules."

For more information, refer to the FCC Public Notice: Office of Engineering and Technology Declares Safety Cast Corporation Application for Special Temporary Authority for Experimental Radio Station WB9XTT to be a 'Permit-But-Disclose' Proceeding for Ex Parte Purposes.