Blu-ray Revenue Share Shrinks to 12 Percent

Following a couple of heady weeks with exceptionally higher percentage takes for Blu-ray titles versus standard DVD (relatively speaking), the 1080p disc format slid back to a mere 12 percent of the money pie as the initial burst of "Avatar" sales settled down to more normal levels.

For the weekend ending May 9, Blu-ray captured 12 percent of overall video-disc sales – falling sharply from the 20-plus percent of two weeks earlier, according to Home Media Research. That represents the lower end of what Blu-ray sales usually produce, which is typically in the mid-teens.

Nevertheless, Blu-ray title sales were more than 30 percent higher than the same week a year earlier, at $21.5 million. Standard DVD's total of more than $158.3 million was down more than 4 percent over early May of 2009.

Combined Blu-ray and DVD title sales of just under $180 million were down about 1 percent from a year earlier.