Matrox Video Makes Cloud a More Compelling Resource for Broadcasters

Matrox booth at NAB
(Image credit: Future)

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While content stored and derived via Cloud platforms holds great promise, it also introduces a host of new challenges for broadcasters. It’s all led to a profound paradigm shift in the way broadcasters create content and a necessity for new types of technology. At NAB Matrox Video VP of Sales and Business Development Francesco Scartozzi painted a vivid picture of where the industry is, where it’s headed and how broadcasters can best exploit new opportunities by utilizing Cloud-friendly technologies like Matrox Video’s new ORIGIN software development kit. “For 47 years we’ve focused on developing customizable software solutions for OEMs and third-party providers to overcome some of the common technological challenges of utilizing the cloud to produce live broadcasts,” says Scartozzi. “The broadcast industry’s move to the cloud can’t be denied, but there needs to be a framework to successfully transition. ORIGIN is it.” Adding perspective to the need for a solution like ORIGIN is Matrox Video product manager Marwan Al-Habbal. “ORIGIN will help broadcasters optimize the cloud as well as their legacy IT equipment to evolve the level and caliber of their live broadcasts. We’re thrilled to be paving the way.” 

During an exclusive interview with Matrox Video VP of Sales and Business Development Francesco Scartozzi and product manager Marwan Al-Habbal we learn just how critical software like its ORIGIN SDK is to the seamlessly integration of compelling Cloud-based content in live broadcast productions. It’s the plumbing that connects equipment and content together.

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