QoSmetrics upgrades products with real-time MPEG streaming testing

The upgraded family of products now enables total network performance assurance of Triple Play voice, data and digitized video in a single solution
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QoSmetrics unveiled a new technology for its flagship products that allows carriers, service providers and large enterprises to analyze the quality and performance of digitized MPEG streaming video in real time.

The upgrade stems from QoSmetrics newly developed V-Factor technology, an algorithm and methodology that maximizes video quality through the entire delivery.

V-Factor removes previous limitations of relying on assessments that inferred quality by delivering the first true technology that provides specific delay, loss and jitter metrics and pinpoint accuracy to network performance impairments. V-Factor allows for video quality measurement from a central network point with the foresight of how a user might perceive quality at the end point.

For more information, visit www.qosmetrics.net.

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