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Weather Channel Uses Mixed Reality Tech for Hurricane Dorian Segment

ATLANTA—Hurricane Dorian is making its way toward Florida and to help prepare those who may be impacted by the storm, The Weather Channel aired a special segment that featured immersive mixed reality technology.

The segment featured on-camera meteorologist Stephanie Adams in the front yard of a virtual home as she detailed how to prepare for a hurricane when it is 48 hours out until just minutes before it makes landfall. Adams shared the safety and evacuation tips as the scene around her grew darker and depicted high winds and heavy rain to represent the incoming storm.

The Weather Channel has previously done immersive mixed reality segments like this in the past for tornadoes, wildfires and ice storms. The advanced graphic renderings and visual effects utilize Frontier technology, powered by Unreal Engine.

“TWC is pioneering new methods of broadcast presentation for real-time storytelling,” TWC’s official release read. Immersive Mixed Reality experiences demonstrate how TWC can take viewers inside of an environment to educate and inform, as they ignite a revolution of weather presentation.”

Watch some of the segment below.