TV History: Grand Alliance NAB ‘95 Premiere Videos Posted Online

Grand Alliance members field questions during the NAB '95 premiere of the world’s first digital HDTV system. (L-to-R: Jae Lim, MIT; Glenn Reitmeier, Sarnoff; Carlo Basile, Philips; Ralph Cerbone, AT&T; Bruce Allan, Thomson; Bob Rast, General Instrument; Jerry Pearlman, Zenith; and Jim Carnes, Sarnoff.) (Image credit: Glenn Reitmeier)

Broadcast consultant Glenn Reitmeier released a series of never-before-seen videos on the eve of the 25th anniversary of the April 10, 1995, Grand Alliance World Premiere Demonstration and Press Conference in Las Vegas at the 1995 NAB Show.

Among the new clips are: the introduction of the first demo; the press conference presented in three parts; various questions and answers about the new digital HDTV system; and footage of the Grand Alliance interoperability demonstration and encoder tour from November 1995.

Reitmeier has also created a Grand Alliance history page with these clips, photos and documents, including the Grand Alliance press release announcing the debut of the Grand Alliance digital HDTV system.

Reitmeier was among the engineers who developed the Grand Alliance digital HDTV system.

The newly available video clips of the Grand Alliance digital HDTV rollout are available online. These videos are in addition to what Reitmeier previously released on the completion of the HDTV systems’ integration at the Sarnoff Field Lab.

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The clips, photos and documents are available on the Grand Alliance history page.

Phil Kurz

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