Thales Broadcast & Multimedia receives 2002 Technology Award from SBE

Thales was recognized for the design of the DCX Paragon.

The Society of Broadcast Engineers has selected Thales Broadcast & Multimedia as the recipient of the 2002 Technology Award. Thales was chosen as a result of the new, DCX Paragon MSDC-IOT (Multi Stage Depressed Collector Inductive Output Tube) digital transmitter. Thales will accept the Technology Award on October 14th at the Broadcasters Clinic show in Wisconsin.

Thales was recognized for the design of the DCX Paragon, which makes the transmitter highly reliable substantially reducing downtime, as well as the significant operational cost savings realized from the increased transmission efficiency. The DCX Paragon supports DTV, NTSC, and various manufacturers' tubes in both water and oil cooled versions.

To date, nine broadcasters across the United States have chosen Thales’ DCX Paragon as their digital transmitter of choice including: WMHT (Schenectady, NY), KLRU, (Austin, TX), KVIE, (Sacramento, CA), WDSE, (Duluth, MN), WNED, (Buffalo, NY), WFSB, (Hartford, CT), WNEO, (Salem, OH), and WMFE (Orlando, FL), all of whom will benefit from savings in cost of ownership and operation with the DCX Paragon. Of the nine, four have been installed and two are currently on-air.

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