SNG interference is serious

Is more training the cure to increasing SNG interference?
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In a recent newsletter article, Broadcast Engineering writer Philip Hunter reports that broadcasters are collaborating in a worldwide, two-part program to tackle the growing problem of interference caused by Satellite News Gathering (SNG). The program focuses on both training and equipment certification.

The Radio Frequency Interference – End Users Initiative (RFI-EUI) and the Global VSAT Forum (GVF) have announced support and commitment for the program from World Broadcasting Unions, the International Satellite Operations Group (WBU-ISOG) and the satellite Interference Reduction Group (IRG).

The RFI-EUI, an international association of broadcasters, together with GVF and its training partner, SatProf, have collaborated over a program to test operators of satellite newsgathering systems, as well as satellite operators, on skills necessary to reduce SNG-based interference. Equipment certification plans will be coordinated by RFI-EUI and GVF.

The growing use of SNG has expanded in part from a new generation of lightweight, portable equipment that is easily transported as airline baggage. One result has been increased interference. Training may help new operators avoid creating interference.

A second component of the RFI-EUI program is use of Carrier ID, which enables operators to identify interfering carriers quickly. The DVB Steering Board this month approved a new specification for Carrier ID, which will now be submitted to the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) for formal standardization. A Carrier ID BlueBook will be published shortly.

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