New Technical Recommendation Promotes JPEG 2000 Interoperability over MPEG Transport Streams

VSF to hold interoperability test events over the next two years
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ATLANTA—The Video Services Forum has announced the availability of a Technical Recommendation that promotes the interoperability of JPEG 2000 media over MPEG-2 transport streams.

The document, VSF_TR-01_2013-04-15 “Transport of JPEG 2000 Broadcast Profile video in MPEG-2 TS over IP,” is a technical recommendation that uses existing standards to define interoperable profiles for real time streaming of a broadcast quality JPEG 2000 codestream wrapped in MPEG2TS, with audio and ancillary data and encapsulated in IP with FEC, and is available to VSF members and non-members in PDF at no charge.

The document has been developed to facilitate interoperability between equipment produced by different manufacturers, and defines specific profiles that can help ensure that signals generated by one device can be correctly received by another. The VSF J2K Activity Group, which authored TR-01, plans to hold Interoperability test events throughout 2013 and 2014 in conjunction with the VSF Interoperability Activity Group. Persons interested in participating in the Interop sessions please contact Bob Ruhl, VSF Operations Manager.

“Unlike MPEG, there has not been a standard method defined for transporting a sequence of JPEG2000 (J2K) images as a video stream,” said Wes Simpson with Telecom Product Consulting. “Because there are so many different standards-based methods that could have been used for transport, this document specifies which standards should be applied and allows various manufacturers to interoperate.

This will prevent the current problem for customers, who have to buy the J2K encoder and decoder at either end of a circuit from the same supplier.”

Future work in the J2K Activity Group will consider bidirectional, interactive applications that require specific optimizations for low system latency, as well as real-time transport of high end film and television production video formats. Another future activity will be to define interoperable profiles for real time streaming of JPEG2000 video wrapped in MXF with audio and ancillary data, and encapsulated in IP.

The J2K Technical Recommendation Group is liaising with DVB & EBU in order to create recommendations that are aligned with ongoing work on J2K over MPEG2TS within these groups.

“This Technical Recommendation is the result of standards-based work by active members of the Video Services Forum, and reflects our organization’s ongoing commitment to openness and innovation for all types of video transport,” said VSF President Richard Friedel, EVP & GM, Fox Network Engineering & Operations.

Persons interested in participating in the J2K Technical Recommendation Group or the VSF please contact Bob Ruhl.