Loft London selects Signiant for digital file exchange

U.K. based post-production and media services company Loft London has added Signiant's Content Transporter to its product portfolio.

Signiant has announced that Loft London, the UK-based post-production and media services company, has expanded its portfolio of products with its Content Transporter. This will help Loft accelerate digital content exchange with key customers, including several of the world's largest media, broadcasting, and playout companies.

Loft has two locations in London and a newly opened site in Los Angeles, providing a complete range of services for high-end media transcoding, ingest, encoding, storage, and digital distribution. For its largest client, a high-profile international media and entertainment company, Loft London provides all content processing for the company's emerging markets in Europe and the Middle East. Signiant provides a direct connection with the client's content exchange backbone to facilitate fast, secure, and managed delivery of HD content to the Loft London facility. After the content has been quality checked and dubbed into versions for non-English-speaking markets, Loft London uses Signiant to distribute the programs to multiple playout platforms and multi-platform broadcasters including Chellomedia, Encompass, Red Bee Media, ESPN, and Channel 4.