Guidelines for Streaming Loudness

December 21,2017 —As mature as the television industry is, it appears to be going through a very disruptive identity crisis right now.

The ‘Dematerialization’ of Audio Facilities

Recently I ran across an interesting piece from the Joint Taskforce for New Media (JT-NM) on the “dematerialized facility,” which envisions broadcast facilities built entirely from commodity IT equipm...

Working With Fixed Monitor Levels

ATSC Recommended Practice (RP) A/85 is usually thought of as a loudness standardization document full of guidelines we must follow to ensure content loudness complies with the CALM Act.

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Using Light Meters as Creative Tools

December 21,2017 —We have a lot of tools to measure exposure, but to me, the light meter is the simplest and truest.

Practicalities of Object Storage

Object storage is used heavily in public cloud storage solutions and especially when the data is geographically disbursed for protection and accessibility purposes.

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Demand and Supply Revamping OTT Outlook

December 15,2017 —Hub Entertainment Research’s report last month, which found that 52 percent of pay-TV viewers prefer to watch their favorite shows online ra...More

The Dazzling Future of 5G Wireless

The verdict is in: 5G wireless systems will be all things to all people, allowing incredibly high bandwidths and ultra-low power radios to be used anywhere, all at a fraction of the cost of today’s de...

Unanticipated Interference After Repack

In my April column (“Auction Over, Now Let’s Assess the Damage”), I wrote about the damage in terms of unanticipated (by the FCC) interference to DTV reception after the repacking of the 600 MHz band.

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Understanding the Livewire+ AES67 Protocol

January 12,2018 —Over the last 15 to 20 years, broadcast audio systems have undergone revolutionary changes—from analog to digital technologies, from manual ...More

IEEE Broadcast Symposium Part 1: Repack

In recent years I’ve noticed the IEEE Broadcast Technology Society has added more presentations on the practical aspects of broadcast engineering to its annual Broadcast Symposium.