Ravens install 100 plasma displays in training facility

The new training facility for the NFL team features 100 wide-screen Panasonic plasmas

A number of plasma displays are used in the players’ lounge.

The NFL's Baltimore Ravens debuted the team’s new $31 million training facility last fall.

Among the distinctive features of this facility were 100 high-contrast Panasonic widescreen plasma displays including 50in, 42in and 37in models.

Until October 2004, the Ravens trained at the old Colts’ facility, where the audiovisual capabilities were much more rudimentary. Now, 12 50in 16:9 HD plasma displays are used in the facility’s upper management offices and in the cardio areas of the weight room and players’ lounge.

Forty-six 42in plasmas have been installed in coaches' and scouting offices for viewing football footage, in the dining area, waiting areas and edit suite, where one is used as a QC monitor with a quad-split screen. The team has placed 42 37in plasma displays in general office spaces.

For more information, visit www.panasonic.com/plasma.

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